The company S4B was established in 2012 as a company focused on distribution, implementation of economic software and outsourcing of accounting and human resources (previous name of company DaS Consulting).


Later the business scope has changed exclusively into the area of applications/solutions for SMEs. Nowadays the company in an exclusive distributor of eWay-CRM system and virtual server solutions iPodnik. The aim of our company is to provide professional services to our clients in business solutions field.

Besides the mentioned exclusivity we provide to our clients highly professional services in field of purchase, integration and training of economic system POHODA (we are certified partner POHODA / POHODA E1) and complex product package of Microsoft – Office 365.


The primary task of our company is to search, optimize and implement complex business applications and solutions to reach highly effective processes in companies of our clients. We are conscious of the importance which have the business processes in field of purchase and services, and that is why we strive for constant improvement and review of our offer.